The course on Gnosis offers a profound exploration of ancient wisdom and esoteric knowledge, providing participants with a transformative journey into self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Rooted in the Greek word for "knowledge," Gnosis delves into the hidden aspects of existence, aiming to uncover the deeper truths of the universe and one's own consciousness.

Gnosis is often referred to as knowledge of the heart, in contrast to knowledge that is obtained through the use of the intellect. Gnosis is not just theoretical, but one hundred percent practical. Through direct experience we surpass the boundaries of belief and disbelief, since both lead to ignorance. Through Gnosis one personally learns to experience reality directly, rather than believing or disbelieving, accepting or rejecting, and comes to know the inner truth.

The ongoing lecture series is designed to provide knowledge, keys and practical techniques required for the full development of spiritual potential. Topics covered as part of the series include:

  • Anthropology and Cosmology - The study of the origination of the Cosmos, its unfoldment and history
  • Divinity - Uncovering the Divine within and understanding our place and purpose within creation
  • Psychology - Uncovering the intricacies of human thinking and behaviour
  • The Cosmic Laws that govern us - Karma and Dharma, Return and Reincarnation, The Mysteries of Life and Death
  • Astral Travel
  • Kabbalah 
  • Ego, Essence and Personality
  • The Development of one's own Consciousness