With a bit of reflection it is clear that we are all searching for something in life. Most of us don’t even know for what we are searching or that we are searching at all. On the surface, money, power, and material success seem to be the common goals for mankind. The abundance of material comforts that abound in our society often gives the illusion that we are succeeding in life. Yet, underneath this materialism, lies a deeper yearning, an empty space waiting to be filled with answers as to the true purpose of our existence. These inquietudes can echo for a lifetime in the depths of our subconscious. Who are we, and what are we doing here? Can our sole purpose be to go to work every day, return home, and go to sleep at night, only to awaken again in the morning and start all over again?

At times, this quest for higher knowledge can lead us down a path of incredible journeys filled with wonder and discovery. And at other times we find ourselves filled with confusion, desperately seeking direction and guidance. Indeed, the path that leads us to these answers is often lined with rose blossoms, but we must be prepared for the many times that we will stumble upon thrones.

The infinite source of books within our reach presents theory after theory, feeding our intellectual center, but lacking the practical steps needed to get us started on the path. Knowing where to begin the search is the first step towards the awakening of the consciousness. We must remember that the wisdom of the ages is to know our Inner-Selves and learn how to tap into that buried treasure that is waiting to be uncovered. Gnosis, which signifies, profound, internal knowledge, is a natural expression of the our Inner Being. The Gnostic Teachings are not new. They have existed since the dawn of time, lighting the path for all those who seek enlightenment. Gnosis provides us with the keys for unlocking inner knowledge and can help us to learn how  to live by balancing body, mind, and spirit.

Meditation and other practices can prepare the body and mind for both physical and psychological healing but they also prepare us to directly experience the inner realties of the spirit. It is within this framework that our search becomes real, tangent, and alive. It gives more clarity and meaning to our lives. The Gnostic Teachings are practical and simple and with a bit of effort can be easily incorporated into our daily lives. There is no need for us to travel far to seek that which we have within.